Scribing Robot Arm

Development is finally finished, and the campaign has gone live! (And I can talk about it!)

It’s for a great cause – petitioning the Australian Government to help fund research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Robot Arm View

The arm in its natural habitat – the RoboDino workshop.

I designed and scratch-built this SCARA-type anatomical robot arm for agencies Finch and Havas, for use in their appeal campaign.

  • Stands approximately 350mm tall, with a reach of about 500mm.
  • Built from OpenBeam extrusion and laser-cut bamboo.
  • Hardware control by an Arduino running grbl with a grblShield v4, and a Micro Maestro servo controller
  • Software control by custom software to handle inverse kinematics, font rendering, sequencing
  • Queuing service to reliably sequence and write names from campaign site.

The robot arm can draw more than just text, see?

Each short segment in the Hilbert Curve is approximately 1.2mm long! It could draw smaller, but the width of the ink becomes a problem!

A build log is not available yet, but there’s lots of info at the campaign link above, and lots more photos here.

Jacob Lancaster’s appeal to the Prime Minister

Jacob and the team

If you’re in Sydney, you can come and see it in person! It’s at Customs House, Circular Quay, for the next two weeks.

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