Google Meet PTT

Google Meet team, what were you thinking?
‘Ctrl+D’ as the key combo to mute/unmute your microphone? ?
(It’s also the combo for ‘Add Bookmark’, and depending on browser context Meet doesn’t always manage to trap the input. And it’s clunky.)

I missed having a push-to-talk key, so I added my own. ??

Now in my video calls, I just hold down space to un-mute the mic, and let go to re-mute. Much better.
(and it should work for any language, and not interfere with any existing Meet functionality including chat)

  • Available as a Greasemonkey script: Google Meet Hangouts – PTT.js
  • Or as a bookmarklet:
    javascript:(()=>{var e=void 0;const t=t=>({key:d,repeat:n,target:o})=>{e&&e.isConnected||(e=document.querySelector('[data-is-muted][role="button"]')),e&&" "===d&&!n&&!("value"in o)&&e.dataset.isMuted===String(t)&&};document.body.addEventListener("keydown",t(!0)),document.body.addEventListener("keyup",t(!1))})();