3D Printed Knife Cover

Eating at a picnic spot or wilderness campsite is great, but prep can be tricky.
You still want decent kitchen utensils, but for knives there’s a downside to having something sharp and pointy rattling around in your belongings!

When you have a 3D printer, problems like this have an easy solution…Capable and SHARP.

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Finished: Display Case Doors

IKEA, your ‘professional assembly service’ sucks. My grandmother’s display case doors have scraped since the day it was installed, and the repeated twisting caused the glue to fail on one of them.

  • Glued back together the broken door.
  • Planed a few millimetres off the bottom of both doors.
  • Smooth, silent doors that no longer stick.
  • Happy grandmother!

Finished: Bubble Wrap Dispenser

This one slipped through the cracks – a Bubble Wrap Dispenser!



Mostly pretty simple to make;

  • The box is a gift box from the $2 shop, with a slot cut in the lid and fancy tape applied.
  • The logos are some quick work in Inkscape, printed and cut from glossy paper.
  • The bubble wrap…

…was perforated on the laser cutter! I made a dashed line file, and cut the ~5m length of bubble wrap with littls perforations – just pull and tear, and you get a square of bubble wrap.
Worked great, and was really well received. 🙂