I wish I needed a table-sized belt sander!

There, I said it.

Every time I see a cool workshop tool or gadget, my response is either:

“I really need one of those!”


“I wish I needed one of those!”


This definitely falls into the latter category, which makes me a little sad. One day, I’ll have something gigantic to sand, and hopefully I’ll remember this monster.

I wonder what it was originally built for?

(Of course, the proper answer to “What do you sand with it?” is “Whatever the hell I want.”)

Eco Silliness

This has to be one of the stupidest products I’ve ever seen. Paper made from some kind of stone! So hey, no need to cut down trees! (Which grow back.) Instead, take minerals out of the earth and mix with plastic. (Neither which grow back, and plastic=oil, a contested and limited resource.) Eco friendly!